The True Art of Furniture Making

The art of furniture making has a long tradition in Kansas City as well as the rest of the country. A recent article we came across in a local publication of California called the North County Times beautiful represents the true art of furniture making and reminds us the value it holds with both artists and patrons.  It is a highly skilled artisan who can take the exotic hardwoods found at local wholesalers and transform them into family heirlooms to be cherished for generations. Just as individual pieces of furniture are handed down from generation to generation, so too has the craft of furniture making passed through generations.

As with all fine art, furniture making is steeped in passion and detail with the artisans committing their entire lives to the art. Each push of the plane or pass of the saw is imbued with that artist’s complete and utter attention and commitment. And while the life of a furniture maker is not glamorous and rather full of wood dust and loud machines, these artists would not have it any other way.

It is the artisans’ devoutness to the craft that and true resulting beauty that has families still appreciating handmade furniture. Today, modern families understand why their grandparents owned woodcraft furniture and, in turn, continue to commission their own custom pieces.

Mid-Century Modern Addition, Truro modern living roomSource: North County Times
Photo by Hammer Architects via Houzz