Throw a Curve at Your Deck Design

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Source: Pinterest

Looking for something unique to upgrade the outside look of your home.  Consider a deck with curves!

Using quality Kansas City lumber and materials from Schutte Lumber Company, it is easy to build an appealing deck without the harsh lines or tired old plans of traditional decks.

Building a deck with softer angles can compliment your landscaping.  Have a particular spot of beauty you want to emphasis?  Design a deck that flows with the borders of your flower beds, driveway, or even the graceful dip of your favorite tree. Curved decks are more inviting and are less likely to block a spectacular view than those built on a rectangle.

Although building a deck with curves is different than the process of building more traditionally, it is not as difficult as you might think. There is a variety of materials available to choose from and the floor plan is limited only by your imagination and space.  You can even give an older deck a face lift by removing corners and adding several small sides that soften the overall look of the deck.

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