Tips for Best Practices in Drilling

Think of drilling like threading a needle; it’s sometimes a lot harder than you would think. Based off of a Start Woodworking article by Ernie Conover, here are the 7 best practices for safe and effective drilling.

  1. Identify and mark the center of the drill hole.
  2. Place a sacrificial scrap of wood underneath the work piece to prevent tearout.
  3. Stop and brush away wood chips frequently while drilling.
  4. For perpendicular holes, apply a drill press or use two squares to assure the drill is parallel.
  5. For angled holes, use a shop-made jig (a block crosscut and with a drill hole in the center).
  6. For stepped holes, drill the holes with the biggest diameter first.
  7. Employ a locking color or other drill stop for holes that require it.
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Photo via Born1945