Tips for Building a Wooden Outdoor Storage Shed

If you can build a deck, you can build an outdoor storage shed, says building expert and nationally syndicated newspaper columnist Tim Carter. With so many uses, almost any home can benefit from extra storage space, no?

Image via myshedplans.com

While it may be tempting to try a kit, building your own custom storage shed is the best bet for making sure the shed fits your needs. Plus, you will be able to choose the best materials for the job for a long-lasting investment that adds value to your property. You can even design the storage shed to match your home!

Here is Tim’s advice for selecting the best lumber and plywood for building an outdoor storage shed:

“Use treated lumber for the posts that support the shed floor joists, and treated plywood for the shed flooring. Wet tools and machines will not rot these critical structural members.

Framing the exterior shed walls is very easy. The key is to make sure the walls are square, plumb and level. I prefer to apply plywood or oriented-strand board on the exterior of the walls for strength, but this material makes any wall over 10 feet long fairly heavy to lift into position. You will probably need help when you tilt up your shed walls.”

Consult these resources to start building an outdoor storage shed:

Base and frame materials and building instructions

Walls and door materials and building instructions

You can get all the treated lumber and plywood you need to create a weather-resistant exterior and well-planned interior as well as building and design tips for outdoor storage sheds at Schutte Lumber Company in Kansas City.