Tips for Building Your Own Kitchen Island

Without a doubt, a kitchen island is one of the best upgrades that any homeowner can make. They add working room, storage space and an extra place for dining. Here are some tips for adding a truly functional one to your kitchen:

  • Butcher Block for the Countertop – This durable material is beautiful and long lasting. Almost any kind of wood can used but most designers prefer an affordable one since they can be stained and finished to match any décor.
  • An Overhang for Dining – Offsetting the countertop so that a chair or stool can be placed next to it makes a convenient functional and stylish addition to any kitchen island.
  • Add Storage Underneath – While some homeowners prefer the open look of a “table” island, others like those with a lot of storage space underneath. Consider this option if your kitchen is on the smallish size.
Eclectic Kitchen via Houzz

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