Tips for Prepping Crown Molding in Your Next Project

Crown molding is a beautiful addition to any home. It provides a tasteful way to add both value and visual interest to your home when installed correctly. Prepping the crown molding before installation begins is essential to ensuring you receive the look you desire.

woodworking tips
Source: Flickr

Helpful woodworking tips before you begin your crown molding installation include:

  • Inspecting each piece: The first step to a successful installation is to make sure each molding piece is in good condition. Replace any piece that is warped, defective, or could become an eyesore upon installation.
  • Repairing any imperfections: Inspect your crown molding for any imperfections including cracks, holes, or uneven surfaces. Carefully fill and sand these areas to ensure uniform coverage and a smooth surface.
  • Cleaning the crown molding: Paint and stain won’t adhere to a dirty surface or one covered in dust or debris. Take the time to carefully clean the trim with a moist cloth and allow it to dry before painting or staining.

To learn more helpful woodworking tips contact the professionals at Schutte Lumber. We are committed to helping all of our customers feel comfortable undertaking woodworking projects.