Use Your Woodworking Skills to Make Holiday Decor for Your Yard

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One of the most enjoyable holiday woodworking ideas is to decorate your yard with something you have built yourself. The decorations you build can often last for years. Once you have gotten past the debate about fun versus tacky decor, you can make something awesome.

Decide on Your Design

There are two primary ways to find a design: you can design it yourself, or you can use a pre-made design someone else put together. Using a pre-made design is great for your first few holiday woodworking projects, but after a while you can begin to experiment. If you can find an art-o-graph machine that lets you project your design onto your plywood, you can turn any doodle into a full-size masterpiece in short order.

Start Building It

For the most part, you only need a jigsaw, some plywood, paints and an outdoor-rated adhesive if you want a multi-level design with depth. Once you have a design laid out and are certain of your dimensions, you can start cutting. After a brief sanding, you can put down a base coat or bright yellow or white and make your decoration look like it should.

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