Using Ipe as Decking

When looking at the many choices homeowners have in materials for their new deck, Ipe is often overlooked because of price.  It would be a shame to miss out on this beautiful, durable wood however.

Ipe is a dark brown wood which will fade to a silver gray if left untreated. Rated as one of the most durable woods in the world, Ipe will last a lifetime with only occasional pressure washing.  The U.S. Forest products laboratory classified Ipe as “very durable 25+ years” and expects that ipe wood decking will last much longer; this is the highest category available for classification.  The US Department of Agriculture and Forestry rates Ipe as “Very resistant to attack by decay, fungi and termites.”  Ipe wood products contain no added harmful chemicals, so it can be used near water without potential contamination.  Ipe also has a fire rating equivalent to concrete and steel.

Ipe can be allowed to fade to a natural silver gray, however if you wish to maintain the original dark brown color a treatment can be applied such as Penofin Verde, a “green” alternative to other petroleum based preservatives.

One of the more famous commercial applications for Ipe has been the Atlantic City Boardwalk.  You can see the silver gray patina that has been acquired over time.  

We endeavor to deal only with suppliers that are committed to supplying Ipe in a sustainable, responsible forestry practice.

Schutte Lumber Company currently has an overstock special on 5/4×6 Ipe in 8′ and 9′ lengths. Call for more information.