What are the Different Types of Moldings?

There are all kinds of decorative moldings available for your home’s interior. While crown molding may be a familiar term, picture molding may not be. Here is a helpful diagram that illustrates some of the different types of moldings:

Image via windsorone.com

1 – Crown Molding

2 – Picture Molding

3 – Header Cap

4 – Casing

5 – Back Band

6 – Chair Rail

7 – Window Stool

8 – Window Apron

9 – Base Molding

10 – Base Shoe

11 – Plinth

Choose one, three, or more of these moldings to give your home a unique and well-crafted look. Installing decorative interior mouldings is a great do-it-yourself project for the cold winter months!

Schutte Lumber stocks moldings in a variety of patterns and materials such as white pine, red oak, and PVC, and we also offer custom moldings in nearly every species of hardwood or softwood available as part of our on-site mill services.

Visit our showroom in Kansas City, Mo., to get started on your decorative molding project.

One response to “What are the Different Types of Moldings?”

  1. My brother has recently moved into a new home with his children. He wants to have some extra woodwork done to give it that extra style. I didn’t realize that header gaps are used to give the tops of doorways a more decorative feel. Using decorative wood corner blocks on the outsides would give it extra pop, too. I’ll be sure to let my brother know about these options.

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