What to Know When Building a Deck

building decks
Source: Flickr

Adding a deck is a great way to add extra space to your home for dining, entertaining or just plain relaxing. While the process of building a deck may seem straightforward, there are several important things that a homeowner must consider.

First, most municipalities have various requirements that must be met when building a deck. Not only must a permit be pulled but the deck must be completed according to the local building code and approved by an inspector.

The inspector will be looking for various items including properly dug and installed piers (they must reach below the frost line), a properly installed ledger board connecting the deck to the home and appropriate hardware and fittings.

Once you have the technical details worked out, a homeowner can then choose the types of wood to use and how the actual structure will be finished. Luckily, there are over a dozen types of woods to fit almost any need.

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