Whimsical Woodworking Projects to Make Summer More Fun for Kids!

In the summertime, the world becomes a child’s playground. But you can make your child’s playground even more special this summer with a whimsical new toy made just for them. Here are some wonderful wooden toys that could inspire woodworking projects with the best kind of ROI … lots of child smiles! Not only will you be making a handcrafted toy that can stay in the family for generations, but you’ll be making memories you and your child can cherish forever.


A one-of-a-kind swing set

A storybook tree

A creative block play set 

A fun fishing pole with lots of fish in the sea

 Have any other ideas for easy-to-build wooden toys? Tell us in a comment! Woodworkers looking for wood, non-toxic paints and other materials for wooden toy projects this summer can find these supplies and many more at Schutte Lumber in Kansas City. Call us at 888.470.4181 for product information and woodworking tips.




Photo Credits:
1) By EnEssentia via Houzz
2) Design Artist Shawn Soh via Houzz
3) By Shhhop via Houzz
4) By Soopsori via Houzz