White Pine is a Beautiful Material for Timber Frame Homes

Choosing a timer frame home design is a great way to give your home a certain warmth as well as an inviting quality, not to mention some architectural interest in the interior. If you are planning a timber frame home, then we recommend using eastern white pine.

Eastern white pine is a pale softwood that has become one of the most popular choices amongst timber frame constructions throughout the country – especially in the Northeast, where it’s grown locally. Softwoods are also faster growing trees than hardwoods, which makes them more renewable and therefore a slightly more environmental friendly. The softness of the wood makes it easy to work with, but its also very strong for its weight. Unlike some hardwoods such as oak, eastern white pine won’t twist either, and as long as you treat it properly, it won’t shrink as much as other species. If those weren’t enough reasons to use eastern white pine, it also boasts strong cross-gain fiber, which means the sturdiness of the wood won’t be as affected by any checks, or splits, that run parallel to the grain.

Consider using eastern white pine and contact Schutte Lumber for wholesale timber in Kansas City.