Winterizing Wooden Decks & Wooden Furniture

It’s time for outdoor living spaces to go into hibernation for the Kansas City winter season. To ensure your deck and outdoor furniture will maintain their quality and appearance throughout the snowy season so that they are ready and raring to go come spring, there are certain preparations that need to be made. Adapted from Capper’s Magazine, here are some tips to help you winterize your deck and outdoor furniture.

  • Clear the surface of your deck removing any furniture and planters and sweeping or blowing away dirt, leaves and debris.
  • Give your deck and furniture a good wash with a special purpose cleaner to prevent any leftover summer season mildew, mold or fungi from causing erosion or dry rot during the winter.
  • Power wash, strip and refinish your wooden deck and wooden furniture to make sure a sealant will evenly adhere and cover the surface.
  • Apply a high-quality, water repellent sealer to all wood surfaces using a paint sprayer.
  • Store away furniture indoors in a dry, clean area and bring planters inside.
Properly winterizing your deck and furniture will protect your investment and the value of your property. Read more about these tips at cappers.grit.com. For sealing and wood cleaning supplies come by the Schutte Lumber showroom at 3001 Southwest Blvd. in Kansas City.
Photo via Loren Sztajer