Wood of the Month: Hard Maple

For the month of January, we are going to take a closer look at hard maple. This popular woodworking species grows in trees that average up to 90 feet tall with diameters of 20 to 30 inches. Similar to yellow birth, hard maple is a heavy, strong hardwood that resists shock and abrasion. Its natural qualities make it easy to work with. Commenting on hard maple’s workability, cabinetry company owner Doug Fauth told Woodworking Network . . . 

“It paints well and works well in a variety of door styles. It is relatively ‘clean,’ so it will work with lighter stains. With maple, the grain is more consistent and you don’t have to deal with knots and pitch or streaks as much as you might with species like cherry.”

Traditionally, hard maple has gained its fame from applications in high traffic areas such as dance floors and basketball courts. Today, hard maple is a popular wood used in cabinetry and furniture and even guitars and bowling pins.


Painted hard maple kitchen cabinets 

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Source: Woodworking Network
Top photo via Woodworking Network
Bottom photo by CustomMade via Houzz