Add Built-in Seating to Your Deck

Built-in seating for your deck can make enjoying your outdoor space much easier. It will also help you use a small deck more efficiently since it doesn’t take up quite as much room as stand-alone seats or benches. Use these tips from Schutte Lumber Co. to help you plan your built-in seating for your deck before summer arrives:

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    Determine where you want to put the seating. Many homeowners choose one end of their deck for a straight bench because it’s an efficient and simple design, but it isn’t your only option.

  • Measure the space where you want to put your seating. The measurements should be relatively easy if you’re building a straight bench. If you’re building a wrap-around bench that curves you may need to seek professional help with your measuring.
  • Figure out what you want your style to be before picking lumber. Strong lumber is essential, but you may not need the most expensive type if you’re finishing the outdoor seating with fitted cushions and pillows. If the wood will be exposed, using high-grade detailed lumber is ideal.

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