Best Types of Nails For Lumber & Construction Uses

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There are dozens of types and sizes of nails. While many are used for multiple purposes, each type of nail has actually been developed for a particular purpose. Here are three of the most common:

Common Nails

The typical nail that most builders use is the “common” nail or “spike.” It is extremely versatile but somewhat unsightly. It should only be used when the structure will eventually be covered in some manner or when appearance doesn’t matter.

Finishing Nails

Used to apply trim or in otherwise exposed places, “finish” of “trim” nails have a small head that is easily concealed with putty. It does not have the absolute holding power of a common nail but is ideally suited for use in places where appearance is king.

Roofing Nails

With a short length and a thin, wide head, the roofing nail was purposely developed to hold roof shingles in place. Three or four in every tile will keep the shingles in place in all but the worst of wind storms.

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