Building a Shed? Consider Adding These Features

Any homeowner will tell you that there are few structures more useful or versatile than a backyard shed. Still, many of these structures seem stuck in a time warp where that are all just a single damp and dark room where tools and materials are stored.

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Source: Flickr

Modern sheds have a different bent. They are intended to be comfortable as well as functional. Here are a few ideas for getting the most out of your backyard sheds:

  • Add Windows – Even a little light opens up the space and makes it far less cavelike. In short, it becomes a workspace instead of just storage.
  • Build A Sitting AreaIn a similar vein, adding a chair or two inside the shed can make it into a mini-entertainment space.
  • Invite the Pets – Add a little area for your four-legged friends and you will be much happier in your backyard shed.

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