Exploring Exotic Woods

Exotic woods are becoming more popular for beautiful home accessories and
accents. Woods like tanguile, afzelia, banana bark and lemonwood offer a fresh
and exotic look and are being seen in more homes. Tanguile is a Philippine
mahogany used often for boats and canoes. Tanguile has a mahogany-like hue,
with the sapwood being a light-red and the heartwood more of a brownish red.
Afzelia is a richly marbled wood from Southeast Asia that is popular for carving,
and use for pens, handles, and musical instruments. The Afzelia tree yields
an orangish colored particularly stable wood which is great for flooring use.
Shisham is growing in popularity for cabinet and veneer work. Its heartwood
color is a dark brown while the sapwood is a brownish-white. The heartwood
is extremely durable, and resistant to dry-wood termites. Lemonwood is a
Moroccan wood often used for kitchen and bath accessories. Lemonwood has a
similar strength to hickory and is resistant to decay.

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