Festool Power Tools

Why should you choose to buy Festool over other power tool options


Power Tools: Designed as a System

The Festool power tools system is at the heart of the product design. Four core elements integrate each power tool into a foundational system of products: Dust extractors, Multifunction tables, Guide rails, and Systainers. The manner in which our products work together makes each one function more efficiently, effectively, and accurately.

Power Tools… That are Faster. Easier. Smarter.

Because Festool power tools and accessories all work together in a completely integrated fashion, every piece adds value to the whole power tool system. This allows you to work…Faster. Easier. Smarter.


Why should you choose to buy Festool from Schutte Lumber Company

Schutte Lumber Company is not just another store selling Festool.  First and Foremost we pride ourselves in providing the Best solution to your problems.  This is why, when we evaluated the power tools we would stock in our store we chose Festool.  Our commitment to provide the best also extends to our customer service.  We regularly send our staff to Festool Training so that they know all of the products and how best to use them.  We have a Festool Center in our showroom where you can get hands on Demos from our staff. We are also a full-line dealer, we have made the commitment to have the tools and supplies you need when you need them.  If you have a question regarding which Festool product to purchase we are a phone call away.  We are also available for after sale support too.  Once the product is in your hands we don’t forget about you, if you need assistance we are here.

Click here to see the full line from Festool – and then come to Schutte Lumber Company to see, touch, and learn about the tools from the professionally trained staff!

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