Redwood Vs. Composites and Plastics

California Redwood is a popular decking material, and for good reason. Besides it beautiful finish, it outperforms composites and plastics that some homeowners have chosen for their decks. If you’re considering a big outdoor project for this spring, keep in mind these advantages of using California Redwood:

  • Appearance: You can easily treat stains on redwood with household cleaners and finish for long-lasting beauty, but composites and plastics are often susceptible to stains and cracking.
  • Renewability: As a natural material, redwood is 100% biodegradable, but plastics and composites end up in landfills.
  • Maintenance: While all decks require some maintenance, redwood is a low-maintenance choice compared with composites and plastics.
  • Energy-efficiency: Redwood is grown naturally using the sun for energy, whereas a lot of gas-powered energy is put into producing plastic and composite materials.
  • Comfort: Even as redwood bakes in the sun, it retains a safe temperature for bare feet.
  • Firesafe: California Redwood meets strict fire codes, whereas some composites and plastics do not due to the chemicals in them.

Schutte Lumber is proud to sell California Redwood. Check out our inventory of California Redwood, and stay tuned to our blog for some outdoor project suggestions using the red-hued lumber.