Species of Wood with Wonderful Fragrances

The holidays are always filled with sweet scents of cinnamon, cloves, chestnuts and – of course – evergreen. But the Christmas tree isn’t the only wood that has a pleasant smell. From Wood Database, here are five wood species that are known for having an appealing scent.

  • Aromatic cedar: Often used in closets and chests as it repels insects and moths
  • Pine: Appreciated most during this time of year because of its scent and greenery but used year-round in construction especially outdoor applications
  • Douglas Fir: The most popular species for Christmas trees but also a popular commercial timber for construction and building
  • Oak: Commonly used in cabinet and furniture making
  • Black Walnut: Popular domestic hardwood for furniture, veneers, interior panels and turned items
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Source: The Wood Database

Photo via Ccharmon