5 I-Joist Builder Tips

Art via apawood.org

The Engineered Wood Association recently updated 5 of its I-Joist builder tips, which discuss common applications of the prefabricated engineered wood product, and all are available for free download. Click on the links below to download the new tips, which include:

  1. explanations and installation details for the two types of I-Joist web stiffeners: bearing stiffeners and load stiffeners”
  2. a description of squash blocks, their composition, and installation recommendations”
  3. filler block composition and installation recommendations
  4. an explanation of backer blocks and how they are used with both top-mounted and face-mounted hangers
  5. important tips for storing, handling, and using I-Joists on job sites

Prefabricated wood I-Joists utilize the geometry of the “I” cross-section and high-strength components to maximize the strength and stiffness of the wood fiber. Engineered wood products such as I-Joists provide easier and more eco-friendly construction and better load capabilities compared with traditional wood products.

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