All About the Exotic African Mahogany Wood Species

Originating from trees in West Tropical Africa that measure around 100 to 130 feet tall and 3 to 5 feet in trunk diameter, African mahogany has a medium to course-grain texture and open pores. As an exotic wood, this species appears reddish-brown in its pith and can be characterized by its brilliant chatoyancy. Commonly found in mahogany wood species, chatoyancy is the quality that makes the wood actually appear to change colors when light hits it at different angles.

Easy to work with and moderately durable, African Mahogany is a popular species of wood for turning, furniture, plywood, boats and interior trim.

As the premier supplier of exotic hardwoods in Kansas City, Schutte Lumber is happy to know offer 16 by 4 pieces of African mahogany (S2SiE). To learn more about this beautiful, rich wood or one of our other exotic wood species, call us at 816-892-3398 or come by the showroom and lumberyard at 3001 Southwest Blvd. in Kansas City, Missouri.


Source: The Wood Database
Photo via The Wood Database