Best Woods for Building Cabinets Pt. 1

If you are creating custom cabinetry for a home or office, Schutte Lumber offers a variety of woods from which to choose. Determining the best wood for building cabinets depends on your budget and whether you want to paint or stain the product.

Beautiful maple cabinetry

Maple, birch, and oak are all cost effective building options. They are strong and provide builders with uniform grains that look great on cabinetry. These low-cost woods are easy to paint, though you may experience slight color changes in maple and oak over time. If you intend to stain your cabinets, avoid maple and birch as they do not absorb stain evenly.

As far as price, hickory is a step above maple, birch and oak but it comes with its own benefits. Hickory is more dense and durable than the aforementioned species. Homeowners favor it because it provides a range of colors at a reasonable price point. Unfortunately, that color variation may effect the uniformity of your cabinetry. Select and review your stock carefully.

For details on premium woods, explore Pt. 2, soon to follow.

Source: www.realsimple.com

Image Source: VLGorman