Birch Makes Excellent Wood for Cabinets

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Source: Houzz

For centuries, master woodworkers have chosen to build cabinets from hardwoods such as maple, oak and mahogany. The nature of hardwoods makes them ideal choice for this application but their cost is often prohibitive for some homeowners.

Fortunately, yellow birch offers a solution that combines the same great characteristics of hardwoods and an affordable price. Here are just a few reasons to choose birch for your cabinetry needs:

  • Strength: As a hardwood, yellow birch is naturally dense and will hold nails and other fasteners as well as any hardwood making ideal for any cabinetry project.
  • Appearance:The look of natural birch is remarkably uniform. Of course it can be painted but its regular and closed grain allows it to be finished to look like some of its more expensive cousins.
  • Cost: Known as the “poor man’s maple,” yellow birch routinely costs 1/3 less than any other hardwood and it savings versus exotic woods can be truly astounding.

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