Build Your Own Fireplace Mantel

Since your fireplace is used only a couple months during the year, it’s easy for it to blend into the woodwork especially if there isn’t a mantel surrounding it. Building your own mantel is a simple project that can be done in a weekend. This post discusses constructing one using pre-cut materials. Just follow these simple steps below and before you know it you’ll have a great decorative mantel for the coming holiday season.

schutte lumber fireplace photo 1
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The first step is measuring where the mantel will be installed. Options include centering it over the fireplace or having it run the entire length of the space. Using a cardboard template can help. Then familiarize yourself with national residential safety codes since mantels, like everything else used near the fireplace, must have a certain amount of clearance.

Most pre-made mantels are very simple, leaving you plenty of options when it comes to the ease of matching your décor. If you lean toward a clean modern look, then all that’s necessary is to stain or paint the mantel, let it dry completely and then anchor to the wall.

schutte lumber fireplace photo 2
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Requiring a bit more work but still fairly easy is adding different types of molding to give it a different look. Choose from dentil, crown or decorative molding. Each type of molding is styled for a different area of the mantel and gives a distinctive look. Also don’t discount using pre-fabricated brackets or stamped wooden decorations if time is factor. Then paint or stain and you have a beautiful focal point over the fireplace.

schutte lumber fireplace photo 3
Image via diynetwork

Have you built your own mantel? We’d love to hear how you did it! Please leave your comments in the section below.