Building an Aromatic and Soothing Sauna

A home sauna may be just what the doctor ordered. You won’t need to shovel out anymore money on spa visits with a personal indoor or freestanding outdoor sauna. In designing a sauna, the type of wood is obviously the most important decision you will make. Any wood can be heated to provide the temperatures and steam necessary to achieve health benefits from a sauna, but certain woods can be better than others in creating the right therapeutic environment. Because of its resilience to harsh climate and decay, cedar offers the durability required for a sauna. But it is the red and gold coloring and its natural fragrance, however, that really makes cedar the wood of choice for sauna design.

To build a sauna that has the ultimate calming capabilities, shop from our selection of Western Red Cedar here at Schutte Lumber. We suggest you come by the showroom in Kansas City to see the finest cedars that the forest has to offer.


Photo by Miika Silfverberg.