Choosing a Cabinet Stain That's Right for Your Kitchen

What’s one of the great benefits of undertaking a cabinet staining project? You learn a great deal along the way. Begin by understanding that all stains are not created equally:

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  • Oil-based stains produce a resilient finish, but they emit a strong odor, are difficult to clean up after and are flammable.
  • Water-based stains were designed to counter the negatives of oil stains; water-based stains are virtually odor free and clean up with soap and water. Like oil-based stains, additional coats of this type of stain will deepen the color.
  • Penetrating oil stains may be the choice for you if you want to see the grain through the wood. They come in limited colors and can be flammable, but they wipe on quickly and easily.
  • Even though they can be costly and are available in limited colors, gel stains are popular among do-it-yourselfers because gel stains don’t run. Additional coats of this stain will not deepen the color.
  • One-step-stain-and-finish live up to their name by producing a consistent finish, but added coats will not deepen the color.

Reach out to the experts at Schutte Lumber Co. to find the right stain, and color, for your next kitchen project.