Create an Eco-Friendly Woodshop

With the unveiling of the new Kansas City green living show home this weekend, we want to offer some tips for creating an eco-friendly woodshop. We came across an interesting forum on the topic started on the Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement website that contains some great ideas:

Create an Eco-Friendly Wood Shop

  • Replace incandescent lights with compact fluorescents.
  • Compost sawdust and wood chips.
  • Use all-natural cleaning products.
  • Reduce waste by purchasing only the amount of wood you need for a project.
  • Conserve heating and air-conditioning.
  • Seal windows and doors and insulate with eco-friendly insulation.
  • Buy local lumber, and shop locally for woodworking products.
  • Use hand tools.
  • Burn wood scraps and shavings in a wood stove or fireplace for home heating, or donate to someone who has one.

Image via motherearthnews.com

Can you make any recommendations about running an eco-friendly woodshop? Learn more about eco-friendly woodworking from The Woodwright’s Guide: Working Wood with Wedge and Edge by Roy Underhill, an expert on historical woodworking methods and star of the PBS television series “The Woodwright’s Shop.” Check out Roy’s tips for woodworking with hand tools.