Creating a Clean Curved Edge Joint

Creating curved edge joints is easier than it looks, just ask Steve Shanesy from Popular Woodworking magazine. Imagine a table, tray, or even a chair that features a beautiful contrast between two different types of wood with a free-flowing curve. This simple design method can turn a woodworking project from ordinary to ornamental. You may be tempted to use a template, saw, router and pattern-cutting bit to get the job done, but there is actually an easier way.

A simpler way to achieve curved edge joints is by using the stack-cutting technique. Use masking tape to hold the stacked blanks together, then draw a line and cut with a band saw. The edges may be rough, but the edge joint will still look fine once you glue them together.  Smooth, sand, finish and enjoy the results or present them as a thoughtful gift.

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Photo via Popular Woodworking Magazine.