Creating that Rustic Look with Log Cabin Siding

If you have admired the look and rustic feel of log cabins but didn’t want the expense of building a full log cabin then log cabin siding may be for you.  It is a siding that looks like a log from the outside but has a flat back for applying just like any other siding. There are several advantages over traditional log construction.  The first is that it can be used to side a traditionally constructed house, meaning that you do not need to find a construction company that specializes in log cabin construction.  It also means that you can reside your existing house with log cabin siding.  Two, you can have traditional walls on the inside of your house instead of being locked into the log cabin look on the interior as well as the exterior. You can even use it on the interior for a special look in one or multiple rooms.  Three, it is more economical than traditional logs.   It is also more eco-friendly as more siding can be produced from a single tree.  Here at Schutte Lumber Company we produce our own log cabin siding. We stock 2×8 in Select Structural Hem/Fir and we have the knives to produce a 2×6 log cabin as well.  We can also run log cabin out of other material such as cedar.  This is the display wall in our showroom of our Log Cabin Siding . Our skilled craftsmen produce our stocked Log Cabin Siding as well as custom orders in our on site mill.  See the  action on our stock run that is in production today.  This video is a close up of the process with the moulder open so that you can see the knives at work turning a straight piece of lumber into Log Cabin Siding.

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