Don't Over Do It: Tips on Preventing Over-Drilling

No matter how carefully you can drill, it’s best to use some backup methods to prevent over-drilling and wasting a perfectly good piece of lumber. Wood Magazine has three drilling tips that can help you achieve the exact depths you need for your project.

1. Use masking tape, but do not wrap the tape around the bit to create a sleeve that will slide up or move. Instead, leave a sizable amount of tape on either end and stick them together to make a flag. When the flag begins sweeping away sawdust, you know you are done drilling.

2. Adjust your bit in the drill chuck to measure just slightly longer than the length of your screw. This method is fool proof as the chuck won’t allow you to over-drill, but be sure not to let the chuck touch the wood and mar it.

3. Purchase SlipStop collars with nylon boots that you can slide onto your bit and tighten securely against the outside surfaces of the flutes.

With these techniques, you’ll be smoothly drilling your way to more accurate woodworking results. For all your wood and woodworking supply needs, call Schutte Lumber at 816.892.3398 or come by the showroom in Kansas City.


Photo via Wood Magazine.