Don’t Toss Your Sawdust!

When working with wood in Kansas City, one common mistake that you should avoid making is to gather up all of your sawdust once you’re done working and throw it away. Don’t throw away your sawdust – it can actually come in handy later!

woodworking projects
Source: Flickr

Sawdust can be used as a desiccant in your workshop. Spills tend to happen, whether you’re working in a workshop or a garage – no matter how careful you think you are in trying to prevent them, whether it’s knocking over a glass of water or just a little bit of oil or gas that has leaked onto the floor. While you can use standard desiccant for oil spills, using your leftover sawdust is not only cheaper, it’s much more eco-friendly as well since you’re finding a use for something that you would normally throw away. When cleaning up your workspace, simply brush leftover sawdust into a coffee tin and store it in a dry place for when you need it.

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