Easily Stored Wood Workbench

Are you a contractor or a woodworker? If you are, then you most likely work with wood on a daily basis. This means that you need a workbench. Unfortunately, not everyone has the space necessary to keep a workbench out at all times. Thankfully, there’s another alternative: the collapsible workbench.

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The collapsible workbench is an incredible option for anyone who works with wood that needs to save a little bit of space. The surface of the bench also happens to work as a box, thereby allowing you to take the bench apart and store the legs in the box when you no longer need your workbench. This gives you the chance to slide your entire workbench under a small storage space. Not only is the collapsible workbench easy to store away, it’s easy to build as well. Just follow these instructions in order to build your new collapsible workbench.

The collapsible workbench is perfect for working with wood, and allows you to store it away in a small space. In order to build your collapsible workbench, you’re going to need some high quality Kansas City lumber. Be sure to contact us at Schutte Lumber for all of your lumber needs.