Fixing Damaged Woodwork With Stain and Lacquer

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Source: Flickr

A lot of lacquers do very well over manufactured wood filler, but linseed oil has the  tendency to interfere with proper drying and further stain application. If the wood has gaps large enough that tungsten oil will not fill them in completely, you may want to mill down a shim of the same type of wood to use as a plug instead of using wood filler if linseed oil is your intended finish.

The usual staining rule is that you should never overlay wet stain or lacquer over anything wet. The standard drying time is between one and four hours, but you will often get better results if you give the underlying product 24 hours or more to cure properly. Failing this, you may see unusual color patterns that are caused by uneven drying and curing.

Another standard rule to keep in mind is that while oil based products may be used over water water based ones, you should never use anything water based over any kind of oil based product. Check the surface to be certain of the treatment used first.

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