Get Your Deck Refinished For Summer Gatherings

As wonderful as having a deck is, its exposure to the elements over the years can cause splintering and cracking if you don’t refinish them every few years. The following are a few tips to help you refinish your deck in time for the summer:

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    Research – Different types of wood require different types of finishes. Make sure you read up on preparation and application instructions from each manufacturer.

  • Clean – Once you have chosen your finish, you’ll need to clean your deck. There are three ways to efficiently clean your deck. You can scrub it, pressure wash it, or strip it.
  • Treat the wood – Give your deck two days to dry before applying your finish. Remember that tinted products tend to last for only a year or two at the most, while solid  and semitransparent stains can last up to four years. Some finishes can be applied using paint rollers or sprayers, but pay attention to the directions as some need a special pad.

Use these tips in order to refinish your deck so that it looks brand new for the summer season. If you need wood from a Kansas City lumberyard, contact us at Schutte Lumber today.