How to Keep Your Wood Deck in Top Condition

wood deck maintenance
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A deck can be a challenge to maintain. Being outside makes it more vulnerable to pest problems and water damage. However, if you manage to keep your deck in top condition you greatly reduce your chances of expensive long-term damage. Here are just a few ways to help keep your deck tip-top.

  • Consider pressure-washing your deck if you don’t already.
  • Don’t use a pressure washer without the proper cleaners, however. This could severely damage your deck.
  • If you have a heavy grill on your deck, do your best to keep it in one place. Moving the grill can dent the wood. These dents are almost impossible to get rid of.
  • Consider using a wood-brightener after you clean your deck. Wood brighteners are a must after stripping, but they can really benefit a deck that’s just been cleaned.

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