How to Maintain Your Wood Deck This Spring

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Image via Houzz

Your wood deck may be extremely durable, but it also takes the most amount of damage of any of your home surfaces. In addition to experiencing foot traffic, wood decks also have to withstand extreme temperatures as well as the elements, whether it’s rain or snow. Be sure to take care of your deck this spring using the following tips.

  • Check for Loose Nails – Have them reinstalled or replaced. Consider using stainless steel deck screws, which better withstand the elements.
  • Reinforce Loose Railings – Replace any rotted or cupped boards and sand splintered areas.
  • Check the Ledger – The ledger is the point where the deck meets the house. Make sure that the deck hasn’t pulled away form your house.
  • Clean Between Deck Boards – Use a putty knife to clean the accumulation of debris between the boards to reduce the chances of rot and mildew as well as help to promote better drainage.
  • Clean the Deck – Use a biodegradable detergent along with water to clean the deck using a stiff broom. Regularly sweep the deck to prevent the finish from wearing off.

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