Learn Carpentry in Kansas City

woodworking projects Kansas City
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If you’re handy and get satisfaction from DIY projects, you might enjoy learning  woodworking skills. The skills will give you the ability to fix and build many things around your home, and it can be a fun hobby to begin.

The Kansas City Training Center, an organization affiliated with the Builders Association, is just the place to be if want to enhance your skill set or if you’re looking to make a transition to a new career. The facility is impressive, featuring a shop spanning 21,000 square feet, 5,500 square feet of office and classroom space and state-of-the-art equipment.

Everything to do with the carpenter’s trade, including all the fundamentals necessary to be knowledgeable about woodwork, decor and cabinetry and structures is taught here. Students will learn about construction from a carpenter’s perspective and how these skilled tradesmen assist with various aspects of building. Those who would like to pursue a career will also learn about exciting job opportunities such as being a pile driver, cabinet maker or an interior systems carpenter. Along with carpentry, there are training tracts that you can choose from, including being a floor work specialist and becoming a millwright.

Once you have learned or expanded your carpentry and woodworking skills, you can trust Schutte Lumber to provide you with high-quality wood products for any of your projects.