Learn Something New for the New Year

Many Americans include “Learn something new” on their New Year’s Resolutions list. Well, we would like to suggest picking up woodworking as a new hobby in 2012. There is truly nothing more satisfying and fulfilling than building something with your own hands and ingenuity.

Here at Schutte Lumber in Kansas City, we have woodworking experts and millworkers that are happy to help you tackle your goal to start woodworking in the New Year. Not only will we offer our guidance and advice on beginner projects, but we will also set you up with all the lumber, power tools and other supplies you will need to get started. We can even provide information on local woodworking organizations such as the Kansas City Woodworkers’ Guild as well as other local classes, workshops and events.

Come by our showroom after the New Year. We’re located at 3001 Southwest Boulevard in Kansas City, Missouri. Remember to stay up to date with woodworking tips and tricks by subscribing to our blog, liking Schutte Lumber on Facebook and following us on Twitter.

Photo via Carlos Porto/FreeDigitalPhotos.net