Learn What Finish is Right for the Job

Trying to choose the right finish is often a lot more difficult than it might seem. There are a lot of different finishes to consider, some of which are more appropriate for some jobs than others. The following is a rundown of the different types of finishes that you can use:

  • wood finish tips
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    True Oils – True oils, such as tung oil or linseed oil, are affordable and easy to apply. If you’re using linseed oil to finish wood, only use boiled linseed oil. For better moisture resistance, use tung oil.

  • Varnishes – Varnishes are synthetic resins that are combined with drying oils. Varnish is more resistant to heat, water, solvent and other chemicals than most other finishes.
  • Oil and varnish blends – These mixtures combine the easy application of true oils along with the protective elements of varnish.
  • Shellacs – Shellac is a natural resin that comes either premixed or in flake form. Premixed shellac is usually amber or clear although in flake form there are more colors available.
  • Lacquers – Lacquers dry fast, are durable and provide a rich look, which is why professionals often prefer lacquer.

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