Lumber Prices Expected to Rise in the Next Two Years

Kansas City Lumber
Source: Flickr

In any industry, prices are directly tied to the cost of needed materials. Construction is no different and, if lumber prices are any indicator, getting your construction work done today could save you money over waiting. Three of the most popular types of wood for homebuilding, the softwoods spruce, pine, and fir, are looking to see a dramatic increase in price over the next two years, from $350 per 1,000 feet to $425.

As a result, all plywood looks to rise in price from $370 per 1,000 square feet to $410. While this seems less dramatic, a 2,400 square foot home can use over 30,000 square feet of wood. If this were all plywood, it would cost an extra thousand dollars to build the same house in 2015 as you could today.

With all the recent advances in the construction industry, it’s a wonderful time to be building new homes, and Schutte Lumber Co. is here to help make dream houses a reality. Contact us today to begin organizing the wood order for your next construction project with Kansas City lumber.