More Alder Now Available at Schutte Lumber

Alder Superior on the left, Alder Premium on the right.

More alder is now available at Schutte Lumber Company!

Alder is a popular choice among fine furniture and cabinetry makers for its natural consistency and beautiful color. Alder dries to an even honey tone, with little color variation between the heartwood and the sapwood, making alder ideal for light or natural finishes. This hardwood specie is one of the most versatile and easy to handle no matter the project at hand.

Alder Superior is the most flexible alder grade with the highest yield. The FAS boards are cabinet grade or better, yielding 83-⅓ clear face cuttings. It is ideal for uses requiring long, wide clear-face cuttings or multiple rips and chops. Popular applications include cabinet and entry doors, casegoods and millwork.

Alder Premium, also known as knotty alder, exhibits larger defects than Alder Superior, but maintains its structural integrity. It is an appearance and structural grade hardwood with scattered sound and unsound defects,  but each board yields a high percentage of long, sound cuttings. Popular applications include rustic or distressed cabinetry and furniture, upholstery rails and frame components.

Schutte Lumber will now be supplying both Superior and Premium (knotty) Alder, in larger quantities than ever before. We are receiving full rail containers direct from the supplier, which means more alder will be available for more projects. Now you can build “alder” things you want! See our product listings – S4S & Rough