Schutte Thermoforms PVC to Save You Time & Money

Our highly skilled professional mill craftsman here at Schutte Lumber can achieve impeccable custom dimension arches using thermoforming techniques and our high quality Versatex PVC trimboards. There are multiple advantages of choosing thermoformed PVC for custom trimboards. To construct the same shape with natural wood requires much more time for sanding and finishing and often requires more materials. Our experienced craftsman can obtain a near perfect bend radius with PVC trimboards right here in our mill oven for a fraction of the time. Our method ensures efficiency and accuracy that prevents any loss of material to the builder because of damaged or incorrect bends. Installation is simple and smooth, and the final product appears as beautiful as wood trimboards but with the added appeal of being completely seamless.

Here is a PVC window buck we formed for the Pensmore Chateau, Schutte Lumber's biggest PVC thermoforming project.

Schutte Lumber does not just use any PVC trimboard; we use innovative Versatex PVC Trimboards which offers a “cut to length/width program” and comes in a beautiful smooth or timber ridge finish. Manufactured using a free foam extrusion process, Versatex cellular PVC products are made from an exclusive polymer blend that make it strong and durable with the density similar to white pine while allowing it to cut, rout and fasten just like wood.

Unlike wood however, Versatex PVC will not rot, warp, delaminate, cup or twist and remains impervious to salts, insects and many chemicals. With a low energy demand and ability to be recycled, Versatex PVC is not only cost effective economically but environmentally as well.

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