Slicing Beautiful Veneers from Wooden Burls

A wooden burl block from the Schutte Lumber Showroom.

Burls are tree outgrowths that form as a result of dormant buds that create knots in a tree trunk or branch. The unorganized grains make for a uniquely and unusually alluring pattern but do not offer the durability of typical lumber. Even so, burls are sought after by woodworkers, builders and artists due to their rare beauty. Burls are most commonly sliced into veneers, which can serve as stable panels for plywood, fine furniture and art and architecture purposes. Different slicing can offer variations in the veneer’s grain pattern.

  • Slicing the burls from the outside face on a rotary, or “Cat’s paw” slicing, creates circles of grain that are side-by-side.
  • “Rays” of grain can be achieved by slicing from the side of the burl on on a rotary machine.
  • For a more subtle grain variation, patches of the burl can be sliced with a rotary to create a cluster burl veneer.

Come talk to our woodworking experts about how to use burls and come see our new inventory of our ready-to-slice wooden burl blocks at the Schutte Lumber showroom at 3001 Southwest Blvd in Kansas City.

Our new inventory of wooden burls at Schutte Lumber.

Source: Joe Woodworker.