Tips for Fitting Deck Posts

Kansas City lumber deck materials
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Fitting a deck post is not as difficult as it may seem. There are a few tips you can follow to fit the deck posts and maintain its squareness.

Start with the posts, making sure that they are measured to the desired width of the deck. These will start with metal bases into the ground and then posts placed in them. These posts will carry the rim beam of the deck which is the outer edges.

When cutting any wood, be sure to paint on a preservative coating to help protect it from rotting in the future. For unleveled ground you want to make sure you cut the right measurement of the notch for each post before placing the first layer of the beam.

Clamp on the beam and bolt in joist hangers on the edges of the first beam and nail in two side boards to finish off the square. To maintain squareness, screw in a furring strip to the bottom of the frame from front to back. For more information regarding fitting deck posts, watch this video.  For those living in the Kansas City area, contact Schutte Lumber for all your Kansas City lumber needs.