Tips for Fixing Rotted Wood

woodworking tips
Source: Flickr

If any of the wood in your home has rotted, it’s important to remove and replace the afflicted sections of wood. It’s not a difficult job if you have the proper tools, but unless you’re a seasoned carpenter, be sure to follow all the woodworking tips you’ve ever heard.

Before even beginning the process, look around the area and use a pair of end-nippers to extract any visible screws or nails. This will prevent damage to your tools later. It’s also a fantastic idea to nail 1×3 boards around the area to guide your router and prevent mishaps.

Using a straight-bit and guide bushing, cut the rotted wood carefully. You don’t want to remove anything more than is necessary. Remove the guide boards and chisel the corners of the recess as squarely as you can.

With a miter box and backsaw, cut a properly sized poplar patch to fill the recess. Put a liberal amount of carpenter’s glue on the rear side of the patch piece, nailing it in with finishing nails. Once the nails are set and filled with putty, sand it down before priming and painting the whole area.

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