Tips for Keeping Your Cedar Deck Clean

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In the Midwest, we face harsh and sometimes unpredictable weather from snowy winters to humid summers. It’s important to take care of your cedar deck year round to ensure it stays in good shape.

Cedar decks have a beautiful deep red color and even retain its natural smell. Though beautiful and more desirable than other options, cedar can wane quickly if not cared for properly. Follow the tips below to keep your deck in the best shape possible:

  • Clean your deck every fall and spring, and seal every other spring.
  • Prior to cleaning your deck, replace rotting wood boards and shaky screws.

How to clean your cedar deck

  • For quick results, use a pressure washer on a low-setting mixed with cleaning solution.
  • Use a solution of one gallon of hot water to one-half cup of trisodium phosphate. Be sure to use protective gear for your hands and skin.
  • If not using a pressure washer, scrub the deck with a brush.
  • After rinsing, repeat the cleaning process with bleach.
  • Fully rinse deck after cleaning.
  • If cleaning, wait 2 full days before applying sealant.

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