Tips for Using Your Jigsaw When Cutting Wood

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Source: Flickr

A jigsaw is an incredibly versatile tool when it comes to cutting out intricate designs or making precise cuts. Still, they do take some practice to get used to. Here are a few suggestions to help you do that and get the most out of your powered jigsaw:

  • Always Keep the “Shoe” on the Wood – The metal plate or “shoe” on the bottom of the jigsaw provides stability so that you can cut accurately, efficiently and, most importantly, safely. Never operate a jigsaw without solid contact between the shoe and the wood.
  • Drill a Starter-Hole – For interior cuts that do not meet the edge of the wood, drill a small pilot-hole. The jigsaw blade can the be inserted and you can finish the rest of the cut.
  • Cut Metal – Modern jigsaws are powerful enough to cut thin sheets of metal but you must use the appropriate blade. Also, sandwich and clamp the sheet metal between two pieces of plywood for greater ease in cutting.

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