USA Today: Woodworking Special Time for Kids

Woodworking was one of the activities suggested by a recent USA Today article entitled “Parents can build in special time with kids this summer.” The hobby was suggested for the following reasons:

  • One-on-one time. Woodworking has been a bonding experience throughout Kansas City lumberthe generations because it is an activity between parent and child, without the distractions of a shopping mall or movie theater.
  • Focused. Woodworking is a focused activity and two people can appreciate the fact that they are sharing an experience. It is not a multi-tasking type of activity like texting.
  • Appreciating the Process. USA Today states that “the process is the point.” So all of the different woodworking steps you are teaching your child are not merely a means to an end. After all, furniture can be purchased but memories and woodworking lessons are remembered for generations.
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Image via sxc